03/08/2019 ~ 03/15/2019

03/08/2019 ~ 03/15/2019


Through to that type of article, we want to offer you a review of the Korean urban scene news.

However we need to make some clarifications.

Firstly, even if we are doing our best to give you the largest range possible, we’ll certainly miss some releases but it doesn’t mean that the project isn’t worthy of interest.

Then, if we are always trying to give you a review as much objective as possible, the fact is that there is always going to have some subjectivity in it. We haven’t the “received wisdom”, our aim here is only to promote the weekly releases and in some angles to express our views. After all beauty is in the eye of the beholder and, if you don’t share the same opinion than us don’t hesitate to tell us in our comment space, on twitter or facebook!

We also liked to say that to stay up-to-date on the current releases, we are leaning, among other, on K-Hip Hop France and HiphopKR pages!

SoundCloud Playlist


Mokyo - "Daddy"

Mokyo is definitely talented and intriguing, after the really touching Something dedicated to his mother (we talked about it in the last Recap’ of the week), the new artist from H1GHR MUSIC gave us a new intense work in a quite different register.

Musically speaking, this track is once again pretty hybrid, in its sonority, it can almost be compared to English independent Pop/Rock/Folk, but this aspect honestly doesn’t really matter compared to the signification behind what Mokyo produced.

We did a more detailled analysis about the track and the M/V here !

OPPNDOOR~ - EP : aftertheparty~ (3 tracks)

One of the week’s surprises, OPPNDOOR ~ started in SoundCloud less than a year ago and if there is only 5 tracks on his SoundCloud account, the EP he just released is already very musically asserted. The artist seems to have his own musical universe and above all a voice which really stands out.

More generally, the EP is tinted with some melancholy but it’s above all by a feeling of peace that you might be overwhelmed.

The whole is quite ethereal with a light autotune and especially pleasantly mastered productions.

We particularly recommend you how r u~ but also BEFORE+PARTY which, in some aspects, can remind us the track SLOW DANCING IN THE DARK by Joji.

Jimmy Brown x Jword - “I Know” (Prod. Ktboy)

A beautiful collaboration between Jimmy Brown and the American RnB singer and model Jword. A quite nocturnal production for a very sensual track ~

Lym en - “Groove”

Lym en of the juiceoveralcohol crew offered us this week a track with a nocturnal groovy jazz tint. Perfect as background music.

Choi Sam - “세계여성의날 0308”

One of the oddity of the week with original effects and deep basses for an almost bewitching beat, a particular track but that will certainly not leave you indifferent!

YOUNG BLOOD X - “Money Race” (Feat. Leellamarz)

In a word, excellent. It’s hard to describe this project differently as much it’s audacious and original.

The tracks are pretty much Trap ones, which is quite common, yet we have been really surprised by the power exuding from the project especially thanks to 이승윤 beats (honestly we didn’t find a lot of information about him and we didn’t know him before, but we can only send our regards to his work).

It’s also worth noting that the featuring are excellent : BRADYSTREET, Leellamarz, A$hiroo, LO VOLF, skyminhyuk, Papi and BNOM, so many rappers who are currently pretty known on SoundCloud. And if YOUNG BLOOD X is only 19/20 years, he isn’t to be outdone either.

You better keep an eye on him  🔥🔥🔥


Complete U-turn with this time we have a very soothing RnB Register, a both soft and lively beat punctuated with samples of phone key sounds.

There is a real musicality in KIMMUSEUM’s voice, hard not to enjoy it ~

SUNOH - “아이스블라스트(Iceblast)” feat.LOLLY,한울(Airplaneboy)

A very interesting collaboration, a quite jazz prod rhythmed by a quiet acoustic guitar. There is a really pleasant alchemy between SUNOH, LOLLY and Airplaneboy’s flows ~


HAN YO HAN - Album : “Exiv” (10 tracks)


Exiv is an album with strong sonorities and a pretty obvious Rock influence, TO ALL THE FAKE RAPSTARS being the most representative track of that (it’s also worth noting the pun with Rockstars). But there is also this Rock sonority in tracks such as Oasis, 12:00 or even Ice which is more on Trap but still with some Rock influences – the electric guitar in background for instance.

However it’s not a mono-genre project. There is for instance Pop sonorities in the track Dance which is pretty much in tune with what Giriboy – here in featuring – can usually do. Or even Smile which is more on EDM.

Giriboy, but also Swings, Kim Seungmin, Gary, Verbal Jint, Lil Boi or JUSTHIS, Kid Milli, NO:EL and Young B in the remix of TO ALL THE FAKE RAPSTARS are featured in the album, in short, quite a good part of Indigo Music.

디보 (Dbo) - “I Could Do Dead” (Feat. JUSTHIS)


If JUSTHIS is not present on the M/V version, you could however hear him in the Spotify single and let’s say you’ll probably not be disappointed ! The rapper is really living up to his reputation. Concerning Dbo, this track is in the range of what he usually does!

A nice track!

BRYN - “Windows Freestyle” Prod By. Midas P

Midas P is an excellent producer, and as always he made a bold choice for this production. Yet even if the beat tends to catch the attention, BRYN still manages to keep the control of the track thanks to her charisma.

한오월 - “Wishes freestyle”

A freestyle all in simplicity on a pleasant Jazz Lo-Fi prod ~


A mind-blowing Trap with some RnB sonorities ~

로디페부캐 - "늦사랑freestyle"

Rose de Penny has an excellent flow and he shows it once again in this freestyle.

KIMDA - Mixtape : (7 tracks)

KIMDA‘s tessitura is probably what struck us first in this project. The artist has a  very soft voice and she manages to convey a quite impressive panel of feelings.

More generally, the project is tinted with some melancholy.

Lo-Fi sonorities are pretty present overall, quite a dreamy, unreal, almost being outside of time side but it also seems that KIMDA has an inclination for visual music (chirping, sounds of metallic objects…), it’s especially noticeable in 8ROKEBOY’s productions.

A mixtape that will probably please people who are looking for calm and soothing atmospheres.

haul - "입풀기"

A lively and rousing track!!


YunB - “Alcoholic” (feat. Bassagong)

YunB offers here a quite calm and heady track in which he raps with a certain monotony.

And it takes on it’s full meaning when you look at the lyrics.

As the title Alcoholic presaged it, YunB talks here about what seems to be his relation to alcohol, a complex love and hate relationship, to be aware of the harm the alcohol does, but still being trapped in a dependency which incites him to drink.

An endless succession of hangovers favored by the pressure of the entourage, an entourage here presonified by Bassagong who deepens even further the addiction.

In short, a very interesting and visually rich track!

RED KEEF - EP : “[FRAGMENT Vol.1]” (5 tracks)

RED KEEF is truly one of those artists who would deserve more visibility and he proves it once again with this new EP Album.

Those few last months he already presented us 3 over the 5 tracks, that is to say OUTER SPACE, Bamboo and Alaska and if they were already really nice, the final project is clearly flawless.

What is particularly striking first with RED KEEF is indisputably his flow’s power, the rapper stands out with a tight delivery; but also through his productions’ choice and overall the work on the atmospheres which leaves quite speechless.

The project is characterised by a pretty Cyber Industrial atmosphere, some Future Beat Sonorities through the work of the resonance for instance, or this feeling to be in an alternative reality, to be untouched by time.

It’s definitely a project worth to listen to!!

mckdaddy - “교정기” Feat. Bill Stax (Prod. Moor206)

Halfway between Trap & Egotrip, hard to do better in this genre 🔥👌

euna - "숲 (forest)" (feat. slchld)

euna is a producer who started out on SC less than a year ago, and well no use to present slchld anymore, really nice chemistry, quite on the concept of a walk in the forest under the moon light ~ 🌕

chanakorea - "CHIC" ft Airplaneboy

A very good mind-blowing Trap collab, a simple yet effective track. While chanakorea has a rather smooth flow, Airplaneboy’s one is more bouncy.

skyminhyuk - "돈이없는데또" (feat. astral swaggy)

Looking for a quite scatterbrain track? This track by skyminhyuk is definitely the other alien of the week, some quite missed piano chords and well intonations that can be described as quite…original, the cover is definitely in tune with the track ^^

Epik High - EP : "[sleepless in __________]" (7 tracks)

When Korean rappers are asked about their main references, there is a huge probability that at one moment they will talk about the influence of Tablo, Mithra and DJ Tukutz, the Epik High‘s members. And well let’s just say that this album totally proves why.

[sleepless in __________] is an EP you better listen in one go!

Sleepless plunges straightaway in the concept of insomnia on which the album is based.

When it comes to the beats, this choice of simplicity the members made was really wise.

As you may have noticed, it’s none other than very classical instruments like piano, drum, violins and so on which give rhythm to the whole project. And beside the fact that it’s pretty pleasant, thanks to this choice the excellents flows of the rappers are all the more highlighted.

It’s also worth noting Suga‘s work for the beat of the track Eternal Sunshine. He once again did a very good job with a groovy and lively production tinted with some retro sonorities but also the talented Code Kunst in No Different which is in the range of his usual sonorities. There is also some groove on this track but the rhythmics is heavier with more deep beats.

Just an excellent project!




Futuristic Swaver - “Dripped”

Futuristic Swaver keeps on releasing tracks and fueling his extravagant musical universe, so yes, in short a very classical Futuristic Swaver’s track!

dasoul94 aka DIGITAL NINJA - "digital rcock star"

Une prod très simple qui permet de mettre en avant le flow plutôt original de dasoul94 aka DIGITAL NINJA. Le rappeur se distingue déjà par un grain de voix particulier, et il sait en tirer profit en jouant sur les intonations !

우원재 (Woo) - '호불호 (Feat. 기리보이) (Prod. By GRAY)'

Wonjae offered us here a quite colorful track, halfway between jazz and lounge.

The M/V is articulated around the concept of an interview/shooting completely in tune with the spirit of the song. Woo and Giriboy confide their relationship with things, with the world and give some reflection about the self-seeking and the self-construction. And through this staging both artists are giving opposite points of view.

And well, besides that, it’s also a very nice track to listen to!!

Jeremy Quest - "Designer" (Prod. Ian Purp)

Jeremy Quest raps on an intriguing production cadenced by what seems to be a harpsichord. And this instrument contributes to give to the track an atmosphere which can remind of the fantasy of the haunted house.


Ted Park - “Ugly”

Ted Park delivers us a simple track which recounts his history, his achievement despite the hard times!

PALL KID - Album : NATURAL #1 (8 tracks)

There is honestly not much say about this album, the project is overall on a Trap register with Cyber Trap variations on START UP for instance, mind-blowing ones with ANOTHER LIFE, quite dissonant in DIVINE NATURE, lively in MIZI and SMOKE which also has a pretty “ingenuous” side or even some “sparkling” sonorities on AKIRA and SOBER.

More simply, it’s like there were a quite “Timeless Trip” aspect in this project, 18:15 minutes in a kind of alternative dimension.

And if we didn’t talk about it, PALL KID has just a very good flow ~

lukydo & Futuristic Swaver - “HIKIKOMORI” (With Uneducated Kid)

A track completely at odds with the reality of its title, very briefly, in the Japanese society, Hikikomoris are people who live alone and are avoiding social contacts as much as possible. And well, this track is more on a joyful and sparkling atmosphere.

Hong_Key💔More liquor💉 - 병신 _PROD. Dayrick

~ Alternative Rock ~


nov - "Golden Hour" (Feat. Colde)

This track is pretty much in tune with the retro sonorities of the City Pop with quite a idle side  which is well adapted in the animation of the M/V.


CLIQUE - "Revenge" (Prod. Lucid soundz)(demo)

If this track is only a demo, CLIQUE shows once again all the extent of his technique ~

OWLER🦉 - “[PBC] 욕망” (Prod. Pluck Boy)

A quite groovy and rousing track in which OWLER gives a very interesting performance!

kembetwa - "BROKE BOYZ" (Ft. viceversa, leanlean, wijineedsmore)

A perfect example of a very good collaboration. If there is a total of 5 rappers on the track, each of them manages to bring his own touch. In this way it not surprising to note that both kembetwa, viceversa, leanlean and wijineedsmore are gaining visibility on SoundCloud.

파 카 울 라 - “떠날까봐”

A quite nostalgic track, but not a nostalgia tinted with bitterness. thisfuckinowlla really manages to convey feelings through his rap.

YUZION - "In My Pocket" (prod. hu$$h)

It’s more or less a Bubblegum Trap track, so as always in this genre there is a quite marked autotune, and, contrasting with the glittering beat, YUZION has a pretty nonchalant delivery.


주석 Joosuc - "Home" (Feat. Reddy)

A classic Trap collab ~

(Kid Milli) - EP : "L I F E" (8 tracks)


It’s worth noting that Kid Milli kind of left his comfort zone with this EP as he is exploring musical universes where we weren’t necessarily expected him like with the light Lo-Fi sonorities on SEX MONEY POWER or also the fact he went further with the Jazz atmospheres.

Technically speaking it’s flawless, Kid Milli‘s technique is just excellent, his flow is smooth and still as much pleasant to hear. And what about the collaborations?

Absolutely great, there isn’t another word, The Quiett, JUSTHIS, Loopy, BRADYSTREET and THAMA, each of them brings with talent his own touch contributing even more to the quality of the project!


Just as the M/V, the track is on quite violent and aggressive sonorities. The rupture at 0:39 is nice and more generally we have to point out the work on the structure.

nuffAce - "SAYMYNAME" (prod.kontrabandz)

New nuffAce’s release, quite a soothing track with a very calm flow, almost serene (if we can say that?) in a light and colourful beat ~

Lev!tate - "hit the city" ( w / CLIQUE )

A very nice collab with rather metallic and lively percussions quite like STOMP’s ones. (Short extract below ~)


G YAMAZAWA - “We Made It”

West Coast rap in all its glory with just excellent light Jazz notes.

G YAMAZAWA talks about his achievement with a smooth and serene flow ~

$ATSUKI - “All day” W/ Mckdaddy ( Prod. iankash )

A collab on a saturated Trap background and hence, Mckdaddy would almost have a calm flow while $ATSUKI is rapping with a growing intensity, pretty much violent even at the end.


A quite fun track (?), FLEMA seems to have enjoyed producing it and the result is quite lively ~

Lay Back Records Official - Mixtape : [서울테잎 Vol.1] (7 tracks)

New mixtape by the collective Lay Back Records composed by Chaboom, 마진초이, DSEL, 오아이, Leebido and the producer cjb95, and clearly the project is pretty interesting especially because of the wide variety of sonorities.

Overall, the tracks can all be described as lively and there is a quite a groovy vibe on the main part of the tracks. Jazz sonorities also in Call It, Boom Bap which changes into RnB in , Egotrip even in Mojo while the last track is a little more on narrative rap.

And yes, the mixtape pretty stands out this week and besides the bold beats, it’s also and above all thanks to the great performances of the artists. They all have really different styles and despite that they manage to produce really nice collaborations ~

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