02/17/19 ~ 02/23/19


Through to that type of article, we want to offer you a review of the Korean urban scene news.

However we need to make some clarifications.

Firstly, even if we are doing our best to give you the largest range possible, we’ll certainly miss some releases but it doesn’t mean that the project isn’t worthy of interest.

Then, if we are always trying to give you a review as much objective as possible, the fact is that there is always going to have some subjectivity in it. We haven’t the “received wisdom”, our aim here is only to promote the weekly releases and in some angles to express our views. After all beauty is in the eye of the beholder and, if you don’t share the same opinion than us don’t hesitate to tell us in our comment space, on twitter or facebook!

We also liked to say that to stay up-to-date on the current releases, we are leaning, among other, on K-Hip Hop France and HiphopKR pages!

SoundCloud Playlist


KING SUSHI & NEWMAZE - Mini Album : "LADY LAND" (8 tracks)


As surprising as it might seem, Cloud Rap isn’t that widespread on the Korean scene, mind-blowing Trap is more common. If the boundary between mind-blowing Trap and Cloud Rap is vague, yet it’s still refreshing to hear a project with a trully asserted Cloud Rap vibe, especially as the quality is there on this collaboration between KING SUSHI and NEWMAZE. To be more precise, in this project, we are halfway between mind-blowing Trap and Cloud Rap, but, what is important here, is that the whole project is based on a nocturnal and ethereal atmosphere, with a noticeable influence of Travis Scott’s album ASTROWORLD, especially his tracks STARGAZING and SICKO MODE for SWERVIN and HIGH SCHOOL KID for instance.

LADY LAND also has some dark RnB notes which remind us musical universe of artists such as Bryson Tyller for HAND SHAKE, WHAT YOU WANT or even a little bit in WOLF.

It’s worth noting that Jhnovr, ZENE THE ZILLA and The Quiett are also present in the project!

Jeremy Quest - "Doomsday" ft. B-Free

A rather classic Trap collab on a deep basses background. Jeremy Quest and B-Free here, are really leading the rhythmics, rapping without missing a beat. A track that will please the genre’s lovers!

소년소년소년 - "안녕" ft. kumira, Bluewoods

Probably one of the most soothing track of the week; an almost narrative rap on a light touch of acoustic guitar punctuated by some birdsongs.

A very soft ballad halfway between Rap and RnB ~

kerykeion - "As it is"

An all in contrast track . First when it comes to the instrumental made of a light sample of what seems to be a guitar and quite deep and marked basses.

But also and more importantly because of kerykeion’s incisive rap!


Geniejin X 김뮬라 - "X발"

A very intense collaboration, the two women are yet still quite unknown but they are already exuding some charisma!


SWRY (수리) - “Meditate”

If this track remind you of what Eric Bellinger can produce, well it’s completely justified as SWRY based himself on the track Medidate from the Mixtape Meditation Music by taking the same instrumental and adjusting the lyrics. And well, the result is quite good! There is this same aerial and mind-blowing dimension with the addition of SWRY’s soothing voice ~

Roof Top 💎 - “대인배” ft. CHILLN HOMIE & KHAN prod. Yoon

An excellent Trap collab, pretty bouncy. Each rapper brings his own touch for a very interesting result!




It’s hard to describe this track, but the whole is quite fascinating, a great musicality, a very light instrumental and YASU and his little bit husky voice, almost some blues’ notes.

한국사람 - Album : “꽃뱀:gold digger” (14 tracks)

A quite uncategorizable project as the first two tracks are on an Alternative Rock register, but that the following tracks of the album would more be described as hybrid Trap, a nocturnal atmosphere is quite present on the project but there is also bouncy and colorful vibes like the ninth one which could almost remind BubbleGum Trap.

Amburu’s recommandation: I especially liked the first track, violin, oecd luv? and the eighth track.

Eli’s note: I can’t remember the producer who made the beat of If u want, but I’m sure I already hear it somewhere, this track is particularly chill btw and I really liked  the atmosphere of the track 6,7,8.

BASSAGONG - double single: "COMFORT"


There is kind of a folk sonority on the first track, almost country with a detached flow, monotonous and very little articulated.

But we have been especially drawn by the second one, BASSAGONG opted for a sharper flow, on an interesting production. YUMDDA who is also present offers us a performance which is quite in the range of what he usually do and well, as always he is quite intriguing !

Cosmic Boy - Album : “CAN I LOVE ?” (9 tracks)

Last February 14th, Cosmic Boy had already released the instrumental version of his album (which is excellent btw) on SoundCloud, and, it’s 4 days later that the artists on the project have finally been unveiled. And well, yes, pretty big names: two instrumentals, one with the producer Fisherman and the other with Sampling, the RnB singers youra, Meego, THAMA, George or even Car, The Garden. As for the rappers, you can hear Giriboy, CHOILB, Coogie, OLNL (aka areyouchildish) but also Kid Milli. There is nothing much to say about them, they’re all worthy of their reputations.

This album has a very clear guideline, mind-blowing atmospheres, kind of nocturnal but above all aerial, ethereal almost sometimes, with some retro influences, a tad languorous groovy touch (especially The Song I Will Sing at My Wedding that’s well-named), but also Lo-Fi sonorities like Dessert Island, About Time, Brainwhashed or Can I Love?

The work on the sounds is very impressive as it is shown with the track Indigestion for instance.

slchld - "my insecurities, not yours"

Title song of his eponymous EP which will be released in March 1st and will count 4 tracks whose she likes spring, I prefer winter. track has already been unveiled in February 5th on SoundCloud.

Slchld keeps soothing us with his velvet voice, a very aerial track, very soft with but still with that little nostalgic note, some languor. Can’t wait to hear what the artist will offer us this time!

$ober - “RockStar" Ft. Lovely yeti

A track between Trap and RnB, with a mind-blowing dimension brought by the autotune.


YoungWon - "Boy From Mirror"

The other part of his double single Boy From Mirror released in February 13th which we already talked about and basically, these tracks are on the same range than COEX and Be Honest, a Trap and RnB mix, quite mind-blowing in its whole.

Everything is really pleasant especially the Outro, Chandler, CHEESE or 열등감.


Lym en - "Rush" Ft. OLNL & Khundi Panda

Une collaboration particulièrement groovy, colorée, vive et fraîche ~

a 9uy - Mini Album "ROOM, OUT OF THE ROOM" (4 tracks)


A short project which yet especially stands out this week, even more regarding the fact that a 9uy also produce the beats. The whole is very ethereal and it’s almost like you would be drowned in the atmosphere a 9uy manages to create.

An all in delicacy project which’ll please JoJi chill tracks for instance and, more generally well-made atmospheres.

A favorite this week!

Young Stone et wijineedsmore - Mixtape : "4 EYES" (6 tracks)

An excellent collaboration, we already shared a track by wijineedsmore this week and, the project is rather up to the expectations and is above all original in its sonorities.

Here, we’re overall on Trap variations but you can also hear some RnB vibes in Curious no Serious for instance.

It’s worth noting that it would not be much of a surprise to learn that Rocking Rock would be inspired by Mask Off from Future. Like the flow is kind of the same hatched flow!

Amburu’s recommandation: Rocking Rock is, without any doubt my favorite one of the project so much the artist succeeds to put us out of breath waiting for the explosion in the song which finally ends quietly.

Eli’s recommandation: I would also go for Rocking Rock and also On Fleek which is quite incisive but I don’t know, there is like this playful touch in the track!

Qwala - Double Single : "YOVNGTRUCKER"

A quite colorful double single totally in keeping with the current American tendencies on SoundCloud, which means kind of a mix of BubbleGum Trap and Mumble Rap. Both tracks are quite repetitive and heady.


Hash Swan - "Sudoku"

Hash Swan is giving a try to more refined sonorities, which highlights his very distinctive flow!


A rather raw track, which is relatively logical since it’s a demo, but, de facto CHILLN HOMIE’s flow stands out all the more!



Korean female rappers keep on offering us striking performances, PUP is exuding an impressive charisma on a clearly lively track, maybe even the more dynamic track of the week. POY Muzeum isn’t to be outdone either!

Amburu’s note: I don’t know about you but the beginning of the track make me think about Stranger Thing for my greatest pleasure!

Eli’s note: I especially liked the percussions, they are really noticeable and are contributing to reinforce this lively energy. And yes, the M/V is quite nice too, pretty unique haha

24 Flakko - Mini Album "Never Again" (5 tracks)

A surprising project with a Trap dominant feature with some Cloud Rap notes in Sober or RnB ones in Shootin Star.

If there is always some American influences, we’re talking about rap after all, here it’s quite pretty marked; 24 Flakko’s flow has something of those of the Migos for instance, even pH-1, there is something different about his rap.

Besides pH-1, it’s true that the album counts quite solid collaborations, with Loopy, Lil Asian, G2, Superbee, Woozieboo and Caskey.

Kidd King - Mini Album : "Money Clip" (5 tracks)


This mini album is coherent and nice, with a Trap predominance, but it’s a rather quite chill Trap, you can also hear Sign, Donutman and punchnello!

It’s pretty clean!

Amburu’s note: I especially liked Never 계약서에 Sign!

Eli’s Note: STARBOY and Shut up and Get Money have kind of a little nice touch!

Life of Van Gogh - Mini Album : "Butterfly, Born To Fly" (6 trackss)

A project halfway between Trap and mind-blowing RnB with some musical research, especially in Motor Hotel for instance.

Butterfly, Born To Fly is a relatively classic project but there is also some pretty interesting unusual sonorities.

Earboy - Mixtape : "Eighteen's winter" (5 tracks)

In spite of his young age, Earboy already has a musical universe of its own and a very nice flow.

He explores a variety of sonorities, from more mind-blowing tracks (18 winter or 가면) to more lively tracks like Break! but the project keeps its coherence!

We highly recommend it!

에스나(eSNa) - '지긋지긋' LYRICS VIDEO

eSNa delivers us a soul performance alongside Hanhae and it’s quite nice, on a very groovy and colorful register!


Quesa_Dilla - "Think Twice"

Think Twice particularly stands out from what we commonly hear on SoundCloud and it’s quite undescribable!



IMJMWDP - IMJMWDP (Prod. By Giriboy)

One of the collaborations which quite made noise this week and it’s quite understable seeing as who’s on it.

IMJMWDP is nothing more than the abbreviation of Indigo Music Just Music Wedaplugg Music and gather artists from those labels that is to say here Kid Milli, Young B, Jvcki Wai, JUSTHIS, NO:EL, GIRIBOY, Osshun Gum,  한요한, Swings, YUNHWAY and Black Nut.

As always, Giriboy offers us a lively beat, between 8bit (or sonorities inspired from soundtracks of retro video games) and Trap, each artist bringing his own touch!

Quesa_Dilla - “Feeling Dead”

A very clean Trap with a little intriguing effect in the beat!


kerykeion - "Get dirty" (Feat. BAY Oberman)

A quite simple track with a light Hispanic touch brought by the acoustic guitar and, but also some jazz notes too!

Jay Park, Woo Wonjae - "ENGINE (엔.진)" (Prod. By CODE KUNST)

ENGINE joins the category of the tracks created as part of an advertising campaign, here for Lewis.

Code Kunst offers us a groovy production with asserted jazz sonorities, especially thanks to the trumpet, the saxophone and the drums but also with very soft basses.

And well, Jay Park and Wonjae quite did this beat honour with as much flowing as rousing flows !

Special mention to the AOMG which definitely seems decided to provide english translations now!

Amburu’s note: a track I would enjoy to listen to often!

개미친구(GamichinGoo) - "Scentok (쎈톡)" Prod. NK Music

Still in a jazz note but more asserted this time,, GamichinGoo keeps spitting verses with flexibility ~

린린 - "혼자" (prod. Kevin Katana)

A perfect blend of Trap and a violin sample which brings quite a nostalgy. A nostalgy reinforced by the short breathing 린린 adopts.

YOUNG JAY - "20190213" [Prod. By Young Jay]

A nocturnal song tinged with melancholy accompanied by a simple yet beautiful visual realisation.

A very beautiful work on the atmosphere!


(Geegooin) - "진흙탕 (Mudslinging)" (Feat. 박재범 (Jay Park))

hear a collaboration between Geegooin and Jay Park but well the result is pretty nice. There is almost a little Old School vibe, but what it sure is that the track is really good and that Jay Park is especially snapping here!

The M/V is completely in that rather grotesque range , one of the surprises of the week ~

bluewoods 우즈소년의 - 이야기 (Prod.bluewoods)

Bluewoods offers us a very smooth production, very refined in which he raps with fluidity, a very good artist!

Danny Roots - "Deadfish" (prod. Marlboi)

Here it’s kind of a bit of a dissonant Lo-Fi register, on which Danny Roots raps with a laid-back attitude, it quite changes from what you can usually hear these days!

Paul Blanco - "Secret" (feat. Okasian, Changmo)

Once again a track between Trap and RnB with some American influences gathering big names of the KHip-Hop scene.

E.viewz - On Me (Prod. 강유정)

On Me has already been unveiled on SoundCloud a while ago and has now an M/V adaptation.

We don’t have much to say, the visual is just like £.Viewz’s tracks, all in softness with a light nocturnal tint.

파 카 울 라 - EP : “夜半逃走 (야반도주)” (6 tracks)

An overall mind-blowing project, rather undescribable, but that’s interesting, like a common thread, there is this melancholy with sometimes some Lo-Fi notes like in Sad In My Room.

GLENCHOII - “챙겨 (Take Everything)”

One of the track we already highlighted on Twitter this week, it’s a lively Trap with samples from traditional instruments.


A pretty psyche Trap just like the visual. Interesting!

Ja Mezz - "Money Mezz - MMM"

Ja Mezz raps is going for pop beats and that’s quite nice!


Crush - "넌 (none)"

After Dean, Colde and DPR LIVE, it’s now time for Crush to appear on the Colors channel. Once again the artist offers us a beautiful performance, all in emotions, between RnB and Soul!

Very touching!


Quesa_Dilla - "Stone" (Prod.Sukie sukie)

The production of this track is just great, a little Californian retro jazz vibe (yes, you do whatever you want with this description) in which Quesa_Dilla is really marking the beats.

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